Charm & Fresh Pet Food

Who am I and why did I move from being a Professional Learning Coordinator at a university to start Fresh Pet Food?

Charm and Max on Altona Pier

I am now almost fifty years old with two grown children and a husband. I lived in Melbourne recently but have spent most of my life in Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland. I have had both cats and dogs my whole life as well as horses and chickens for many years.

Max and Misty, my dog and cat, eat great nutritious food, better than mine to be honest. When I travelled from Melbourne to the Gold Coast with Max, I found it really difficult to get the type of food my dog was used to or even food that didn’t cause him digestive issues. That’s the only problem with consistently eating such healthy food, the body doesn’t appreciate junk food. So I decided to change that for all the dogs and cats living in and around the Gold Coast.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates

Some people worry about raw meat for their pets, I did a bit to start with, but as long as it is kept at the correct temperature and worked with in clean environments with clean utensils, it is very healthy. There are even dishes for humans around the world made with raw meat or fish, you may have tried one yourself. See Great British Chefs for some examples.

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